Fun and Games for the Kids During a Backyard Cookout

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Spring is here, which means it’s time to bring out the barbecue grill and get cooking!

BBQs are perfect for enjoying great weather while cooking up burgers, hot dogs, pork chops and other delicious meals.

These occasions are popular with family and friends, so they require sources of entertainment while the meals are heating up.

If you have children and your guests are bringing their kids over for the BBQ, you’ll need to have activities easily available. This will keep them distracted why you prepare an awesome lunch.

Just follow our tips, and your kids’ friends will want to come over for every BBQ for the rest of the year.

Here are 10 fun BBQ ideas for entertaining kids.

Beanbag toss games come in forms suited for both adults and kids. You’ll need a set of boards ready for the kids that come over that are based on their age.

Boards with holes and beanbags the right size will make it easier for kids to have fun.

This game is to kids what golf is to adults. It is a chance for them to come up with techniques and skills so that they can get the beanbag in the hole on the first toss.

Increase the distance between both boards after each round so that the kids always have a challenge.

Another outside BBQ idea is giving the kids a scavenger hunt so that they can feel a sense of adventure at a regular party.

Create maps and notes with clues and riddles for older kids so that they can develop their analytical skills. Notes with drawings are more suited for children who are too young to read.

While you’re cooking or playing games with the other adults, the kids can run around the backyard and work in teams.

Prizes can include small, cheap toys so that you have money for the rest of the party. You could also offer cookies, candy or other snacks the kids can have at the end of the party.

Potato Sack Race

Working up some cardio will make the kids enjoy your cooking even more.

One way to make cardio fun is with a potato sack race. Be sure to buy sacks that work for the kids who are coming over. This ensures that kids aren’t jumping with sacks that are too small for them and trip early in the race.

Don’t make the course too far for the kids. They might get too tired to enjoy your food or play other games.

Water Gun Tag

If the temperature is high enough, the kids at your BBQ can enjoy getting a little wet so that they can cool off under the sun.

One water game that you can offer the kids is water gun tag. It keeps them from running too much and getting exhausted while making it easy to accomplish the goals of the game.

Getting water guns with light systems makes the game more fun at night so that the kids can create light shows with water.

Establish rules so that the kids don’t get the cooking equipment wet and delay the meals.

Art Tables

When it comes to cheap BBQ ideas, another way to distract the kids while you’re cooking lunch or dinner is with tables for painting or drawing.

The kids will be able to develop their creative skills by painting pictures with either brushes or their hands and fingers.

You can create a theme for art contests, such as animals, superheroes, and places.

On the other hand, you can tell them to create whatever comes to mind. This is a chance for them to come up with something creative and unexpected.

Make sure that the painting and drawing equipment is child proof so that they stay safe while having fun.

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Eating Contests for Fun BBQ Ideas

Giving something for the kids to eat will keep them from going hungry and repeatedly asking when dinner is going to be ready.

Follow our recommendations for BBQ food for kids so that they eat something they can handle and have some BBQ fun.

You can offer them chips and crackers if you want to start easy. Miniature hot dogs and chicken wings can get them used to the main course if they’ve never had larger alternatives before.

The portions for the contest should be small enough for the kids to save room for the main meal. However, they should big enough to keep the kids satisfied for another hour or two.


Another game that focuses on technique over brute force is horseshoes. This option is best for older kids who can handle heavier objects safely.

If you need an hour or so to get the food ready, then horseshoes is the way to go.

The kids can take their time coming up with unique throws that will hook around the stakes each time.

You’ll need to keep the stakes away from the patio or whatever area where people are eating or relaxing to ensure safe games.

Wiffle Baseball

When it comes to backyard entertainment for kids of all ages, a whiffle ball bat and setup comes in handy.

The bat is light enough for smaller children to use, and the ball is light enough so that no one will have to bring over baseball gloves to catch it.

Make sure to have a batting tee for younger kids so that the other kids won’t have to wait after multiple swings to get their turn.

You can set up the bases at multiple distances, depending on how far the kids can hit.

It also helps to set up the game far away from the eating area so that no one has a whiffle ball land in their lunch.

Movie Night

Movies can keep the kids at your BBQ entertained and let them relax after exhausting games in the backyard.

If your BBQ is going to be long, then you can play one movie before the big meal and another movie after dessert. Saving the movie for the end of the night helps if you have other games available for earlier in the day.

Set up a movie screen in the backyard so that the kids can enjoy fresh air while watching the latest superhero or fantasy film to come on DVD.

Our Take

Having fun BBQ ideas ensures that the kids who come over will be entertained and develop helpful skills. It will let you focus on grilling delicious meals, and the kids will enjoy them even more after hours of running around and playing.

Learn more about our ideas for fun BBQs today so that both kids and adults can have fun and enjoy awesome food.

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