Meat Grinding Tips, Info, and the Best Meat Grinders

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For those who like to eat a lot of fresh homemade foods, a good meat grinder can be a lifesaver. However, this can only be beneficial if the right tips are followed with the most quality meat grinders.

What are some tips for meat grinding and the best meat grinders? Some of the best tips for meat grinding include chilling your meat and the cutting components of the grinder itself before you begin. This will prevent anything from getting stuck in the machine. Additionally, you can place your catch bowl into a larger bowl of ice water to preserve the temperature and quality.

Some of the best meat grinders that you can buy are the ones that do more than one job. For instance, you can go with the NoPro Meat Grinder and Pasta Maker for its double purpose, of the Weston #10 Manual Tinned Grinder and Sausage Grinder.

Meat grinders are a valuable tool when it comes to making homemade meat products such as sausages, hot dogs, ground beef, and other similar products. With so many genetically modified and unhealthy ingredients in the store, it can be the most desirable option to know exactly what you are eating.

In this article, we will be going over everything that you need to know about meat grinding, from information about the tool to tips for using it and the best meat grinders that money can buy. Keep reading to become a meat grinding expert in just a few minutes.

The Purpose And Use Of Meat Grinders

Meat grinders are somewhat of an advanced kitchen tool. To be more specific, they are not really found in the average kitchen or grouped into the basic kitchen tools and utensils such as serving spoons and knives.

In other words, a meat grinder is not something that you will usually use everyday in most circumstances. Instead, a meat grinder is more of an additional appliance that is purchased along with all of the other things that you might use daily in your kitchen.

Meat grinders can do a lot more than just grind up meat, which is what we will be getting into here soon. In this section, we will be going over the purpose of meat grinders, as wells some things that you can make with a meat grinder should you choose to purchase one.

First, take a look at the list down below to find out what meat grinders are generally used for, and keep reading to get all of the details.

The Purpose Of Meat Grinders:

  • Grinding up food (mainly meat) to separate it
  • Changing the texture of meats and foods
  • Speed and ease of use (instead of manual grinding)

The main purpose of meat grinders, as you might have already guessed form reading the name, is to grind up food. This mainly pertains to raw meat products, but you can also grind up different types of foods like doughs and vegetables.

When you put an ingredient through a meat grinder, you will be separating the materials and changing the texture when it comes out of the other end. It is almost like you are shredding the food or chopping it up, all through an easy automated process that requires little to no effort from you.

If you were to try to grind the meat up by hand without the machine, you would not get the same results. This is due to the fact that meat grinders make really precise cuts and squeeze the ingredients through small spaces to make sure that they separate.

To do this by hand, it would require a lot of effort, and you might still not get exactly the same results as you might get if you chose to use the grinder instead. Therefore, meat grinders are very convenient and easy to use instead of trying to do the same thing yourself.

The answer of whether or not you will need a meat grinder, though, is an entirely different question, which we will get into later on in this article. For now, refer to the list down below to find some things you might be able to make with a meat grinder.

Here are some things that you can make with a meat grinder:

  • Sausage
  • Ground meat (beef, chicken, turkey, etc.)
  • Bologna
  • Ground vegetables
  • Pickle Relish
  • Cookie dough

The first thing that you are able to make with a meat grinder is a sausage. When you make sausage, it requires you to grind up the meat into a fine and soft texture so that it can be manipulated and formed into the casings.

Some meat grinders come with a built in sausage casing feature, while others will require you to use a separate device to get this part of the process completed.

You can also make any kind of ground meat with a meat grinder. This can be anything from beef to chicken, turkey, and more. Regardless of the meat that you choose, the meat grinder will chop it up into a soft and fine texture so that you can do what you please with it.

Bologna is another popular meat product that you can produce with your grinder, among many others. However, meat is not the only thing that you can make with a meat grinder. Just because it has meat in the name and it is the most popular use, it does not necessarily mean it is the only one.

In fact, you can put almost any kind of food item into a meat grinder that you want to be finely chopped or mashed up. For example, you can make ground vegetables in a meat grinder to make some kind of veggie mash or to use the material for vegetarian sausages and noodles.

If you are having a BBQ party, you can feed your meat grinder some pickles to make a delicious relish for your hot dogs.

Another thing that you can put into a meat grinder, mainly to change the texture and make it more moveable and soft, is cookie dough. This also goes for any other kind of dough, including pasta.

Some meat grinders include a feature where you can make pasta simultaneously. There will be more on this later, but the main point is that meat grinders can be used for anything you need them for.

Whether you are grinding up meat, vegetables, or even your dessert, the possibilities are literally endless of what can come out of the other end.

To tie up this section, we will be going over how you can use a meat grinder correctly. Take a look at the list down below to get the answers to all of your questions about the process, and continue to get the full break down.

How To Use a Meat Grinder Correctly:

  1. Slice your meat of choice into thin pieces
  2. Place them on a covered baking sheet and freeze for 30-40 minutes
  3. Place the meat in the hopper portion of the grinder
  4. Put a bowl at the bottom of the meat grinder to catch the product
  5. Switch on the meat grinder and choose the correct speed
  6. Feed the meat and other ingredients into the grinder

Before you put your meat in the grinder, you will need to slice it into thin pieces. This will help it to run through the machine smoothly without getting stuck or creating chunks that you don’t want.

Place the meat slices on a covered baking sheet and freeze them for about 30 to 40 minutes. It is important that they are very cold, but not frozen at all, or this won’t work.

When this is done, please the meat in the hopper portion of the grinder, and put a bowl at the bottom to catch the product. To begin grinding, switch the machine on and choose the correct speed that you would like your product to come out

Continue this process until all of your meat has been fed through the grinder and you have received your desired results. 

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Tips For Successful Meat Grinding

Now that you have gotten all of the necessary information about what meat grinders do and how you can properly use one to grind up your ingredients of choice, we will be going over how you can do so even more successfully.

In this section, you will find some helpful tips and guidelines that will ensure that your meat grinding process is a complete success.

Here are some tips for successful meat grinding:

  • Make sure your meat is cold to avoid residue inside of grinder (not frozen!)
  • Put the grinding plate and cutting components in the freezer with the meat
  • Place your bowl inside of a bigger bowl filled with ice water (to keep meat cool and prevent bacteria growth)

The first tip that you should follow is making sure that your meat is cold before you start. This was mentioned in the previous section, and it is very important not to skip this step. It should not, however, be frozen at all when you start.

Put the grinding plate and cutting components in the freezer with the meat to make everything cold and get it ready for successful grinding. If the grinder itself is hot, it will defeat the entire purpose.

Finally, place your bowl inside of a bigger bowl filled with ice water to keep the meat cool and prevent bacteria growth.

The Best Meat Grinders That You Can Buy

To conclude this article, we will be giving you some valuable leads on which meat grinder to purchase if you are considering it.

The Best Meat Grinders:

  • NoPro Meat Grinder and Pasta Maker
  • STX International Model STX-3000-TF Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder
  • Weston #10 Manual Tinned Grinder and Sausage Stuffer
  • SunMile SM-G31 Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer
  • Waring MG-105 Professional Meat Grinder

As you can see, there are a variety of different types of meat grinders that serve unique purposes. For instance, you can have a meat grinder and pasta maker combination, or you can choose your second feature to be a sausage stuffer.

On the other hand, you can choose to go with the basic meat grinder that will focus on giving you the best quality and smoothest ingredients possible.

All in all, the necessity of a meat grinder in your own kitchen will depend on your individual needs. If you find that you will put this kind of equipment to good use, then it might be a good choice for you. With the tips and guidelines that were provided in this article, you will certainly have no problem getting to work!

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