Why Tiki Torches For a Night BBQ Party Are a Must

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Tiki torches not only add a cool look to your nighttime BBQ party, they also are functional. They help keep pesky bugs away, and they set a good mood for your party. The large variety also gives you some control on the look of the décor.

Why are tiki torches a must for a night BBQ party? The main reasons why you tiki torches are a must for a night BBQ party include bringing a unique style to your backyard party, keeping otherwise annoying bugs away, and giving you some lighting that isn’t ugly or harsh.

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When you are hosting a party in your backyard, it is increasingly important to maintain an attractive aesthetic while also maintaining some kind of functionality. Using tiki torches as a decorative component checks all of these boxes.

Tiki torches can be perfect for lighting up a walkway, patio, or deck. There are plenty of styles to choose from, including stone, bamboo, LED, and stainless steel. There are also many types of torch fuels like citronella-based fuel that is used to focus on repelling bugs.

Depending on the brand you buy and the type of tiki torch that you get, they can be very low maintenance with a high reward. It is of course important to remember that as a safety precaution, tiki torches should have plenty of clearance on all sides, and should not be placed under low trees or branches.

Why Tiki Torches For a Night BBQ Party Are a Must

The most obvious benefit of having tiki torches is the aesthetic they can give your party. You have many options to choose from, including bamboo encased torches, glass, and metal. All have unique looks so you can find exactly what fits your mood.

Here are some of the benefits that come with using tiki torches for a night BBQ party:

  • Adds a great ambiance to the setting
  • Can help keep flying bugs away
  • Provides lighting that is attractive
  • Can be extremely cheap, or very permanent depending on your needs

Some people buy tiki torches purely due to their ability to keep mosquitoes and other insects away when trying to enjoy a nighttime get-together.

One way you can enhance this feature is to buy a torch that can use special bug-repelling fuel. These fuels often have citronella oil, lemongrass, or eucalyptus bases.

A highly rated brand is the Tiki BiteFighter Torch Fuel, which not only has citronella oil, but also has cedar.

Other alternatives to tiki torches can be harsh, or often provide too little light. A full deck light can be a bit overwhelming at night, while fairy lights and candles do not provide much in the way of illumination.

Tiki torches let off an attractive flame light that can provide vision while also being great décor.

There are different kinds of tiki torches depending on your needs. Some are unbelievably cheap at less five dollars, however these are usually meant to last for a one night party.

These would be ideal for if you plan to just have a themed party, or plan on bringing them to someone else’s home.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some people install permanent propane or natural gas tiki torches, which provide consistent light throughout the night and can be easily turned off via a valve.

What Are The Best Tiki Torches?

While a lot of the choice of tiki torches has to do with what look you are going for, there are a few that stand out as a great value and quality. These are divided by type, allowing you to choose what best fits your needs.

Take a look at the list down below to find some great ideas for the best outdoor tiki torches. Whether you are in search of a similar product for an upcoming party or you just want some ideas for future reference, you will certainly find it in this section.

Here are some of the top tiki torches that you can use in your backyard (by type):

  • LED – Newhouse Lighting FLTORCH2 Island Torch
  • Stone – Tiki Brand Resin Jar Torch
  • Glass – Tiki Brand Swirl Metal Torch
  • Budget – Kaya Collection Bamboo Torches

The Newhouse Lighting FLTORCH2 Island Torch is a great option if you want to avoid all of the dangers of an open flame. These tiki torches run on solar powered LED lights that flicker to look like a real flame.

They do not have wiring that you need to install, and they automatically turn on when it gets dark which is perfect if you plan on using them for permanent lighting on a pathway.

If you are looking something that can withstand the elements, the Tiki Brand Resin Jar Torches are made from materials that will last easily through storms.

They also have a multi-piece pole that will let you change the height, and burn up to five hours per fill. These tiki torches have a porch mount option if you use the included clamp, or can be used as table torches.

Tiki Brand also has a glass option, branded as the Swirl Metal Torch. It has an extremely elegant look, and also will last up to 5 hours per fill.

It comes with a metal snuffer to extinguish the flame, and will be weather resistant. The biggest downside is the potential for cracking, which some users have complained of.

If you are looking for something on a budget the Kaya Collection Bamboo Torches come in a 12 pack for about fifty dollars, and have a metal oil canister. They last for 7 hours of burn time, but they are not as large as a traditional torch in terms of height.

When looking at the more permanent gas tiki torches, you will want to contact an expert for installation.

You will have to research companies in your area that can set up a natural gas or propane line for the torches, and install the torches themselves as well. These torches are sometimes called torch lights or gas patio lights.

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How to Care For and Maintain Tiki Torches

When it comes to taking care of your tiki torch, every torch can be a little different. It is important to pay attention to the information that the company sends with the torches, or has on their website.  While you are refilling your tiki torch,  on the other hand, you can rely on the below instructions for most styles:

How To Refill Your Tiki Torches:

  1. Make sure that the fuel you have purchased is compatible with your tiki torch
  2. Carefully remove the top or your torch or the lid as to avoid any spilling of leftover fuel. Usually this requires unscrewing a guard, and the wick will be attached.
  3. Add your fuel carefully, either with a bottle that has an easy pour spout or with a funnel. Leave about half an inch at the top unfilled.
  4. Put the lid or top of your torch back, again being careful not to spill fuel.

Almost all tiki torches use fiberglass wicks. You can buy replacement packs to switch these out. As the top of the wick burns down, you are able to pull more up through the top of your tiki torch until the wick becomes too short to absorb fuel.

Most propane torches will not have any wick that needs replacing. There are cotton wicks, but they burn much faster than fiberglass wicks.

It is important to know that tiki torches can mold or rust just like any other outdoor item. While cleaning will depend on the material of the torch, for most kinds you will want to use a warm soapy rag to wipe any dirt or material from the torch.

This includes the entire outside of the torch, as well as inside the fuel reservoir. This is also a good time to make sure there are no cracks or leaks.

Supplies Needed For Tiki Torches

Besides the fuel itself, tiki torches require very little to properly operate and maintain. Besides the occasional wipe down from a soapy cloth, they just need to be correctly refilled and snuffed out to work properly in most cases.

One thing you should be aware of is the possibility for oil spills. You will want to completely clean these up. Should you happen to spill oil, you can use specific products to clean up oil called “oil dry”, or you can use cat litter to soak it up.

Once that has been done, use a normal cleaner on the area and let it air dry. Make sure you clean up any spills as soon as possible to prevent fires.

Supplies Needed For Your Tiki Torches:

  • Tiki torch fuel – Make sure to research the many types, and pick one that works with your torch!
  • Oil and fuel spill cleanup supplies.
  • A cloth for general cleaning maintenance.
  • Snuffer caps to safely extinguish the torch.
  • Emergency fire supplies.
  • A funnel to pour fuel, if preferred.

To properly extinguish your tiki torch, you will need a snuffer cap. These often come with the tiki torch, and sometimes are attached to the top of the torch.

The use of these will vary depending on the type, however most snuffers work by placing it over the wick and flame, and leaving it there until the flame dies out.

Then, you remove it while the wick cools down, and replace it afterwards to protect the wick from weather or other damage.

If you plan on having any kind of fire, it is always important to have emergency fire extinguishing supplies on hand.

A non-expired fire extinguisher is always a safe option for fire safety, and even if you don’t ever have to use it, it can give you some peace of mind. Note that not all fire extinguishers can be stored outside, especially if you live in a state with extreme weather.

As you can see, there are more reasons than just one why tiki torches are an absolute must have for any kind of backyard BBQ party. You can get a great decoration out of it while also keeping the bugs away and providing a unique source of lighting to your guests.

Regardless of what you need tiki torches for, it will give you multiple features all in the same great tool. The great thing about these types of decorations is their versatility. Whether you are going to be using a cheap one on a temporary basis or a more permanent arrangement, you definitely won’t be disappointed either way.

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