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Z Grills: All You Need to Know

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Whether you are a novice or professional griller, you might have heard of Z Grills, the new type of grill that can change the way the world cooks. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about these game-changing appliances.

Z Grills are made with new technologies, where rather than using gas or charcoal, they are heated by firing wood pellets to perfectly grill or smoke your food, giving it a smoky flavor. Z grills offer eight features, allowing you to grill, BBQ, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and sear, all in one grill.

In short, Z grills can “do it all” when it comes to grilling. This type of grill can replace multiple cooking gadgets in your home to become the appliance you use to cook nearly everything. Z grills can potentially disrupt the grill industry with their unique heating methods and high-tech temperature control features. In this article, we’re going to help you learn more about which Z Grill you should buy, where to buy it, and how to clean it.

Z Grills are Different

Z Grills are different from traditional charcoal or gas grills. They are heated using wood pellets and have a complex mechanical system inside that uses:

  • An auger to carry the pellets to the cooking area
  • An induction fan to stoke the fire
  • A digital temperature controller

These differences from traditional grills were made to improve the cooking and flavor of your food.

Why the Z Grill is Great

Grills that are heated with wood pellets are called “pellet grills.” Z Grills is one brand of pellet grill found on the market and is generally considered one of the top brands of pellet grills.

Barbeque and grill enthusiasts love Z Grills for their:

  • Versatility
  • Easy to clean design
  • The smoky flavor delivered to everything that is cooked on them
  • Value for the cost

Many grill reviewers across the internet agree that Z Grills are an excellent purchase for affordability and value.

Many enthusiasts across multiple online sites rank Z Grills among their top choices for pellet grills. If you love to grill, BBQ, or smoke food, then the Z Grill is a perfect option for you.

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The Top 5 Z Grills

The Z Grills company produces twelve different grills across three series:

  • Basic Series
  • 700 Series
  • 1000 Series

We have selected the top five Z Grills that you should consider when shopping.

The top five Z Grills are listed in order of popularity in terms of product reviews on the Z Grills website as well as aggregated results from several online reviewers.

Z Grills vary in:

  • Technology
  • Cooking styles
  • Size

Read through these descriptions to find out which Z Grill is the right fit for you.

1. ZPG - 700E

This grill has the most reviews on the Z Grills website, with 89% of the reviewers giving 5-stars. The ZPG – 700E grill is from the 700 series and boasts the Z Grills 8-in-1 technology to cook in various ways.

This grill has:

  • Precise temperature control
  • Automatic pellet feeding
  • A storage cabinet
  • Locking wheels

The cooking area on the grill can fit 29-burgers, six-racks of ribs, or five-chickens.

The ZPG – 700D is another 700 series Z Grill that functions the same as the 700E, except that it has a bronze finish instead of stainless steel.

2. ZPG - 450A Pro

Many grill enthusiasts have ranked this grill as the top Z grill in their online evaluations. On the Z Grills website, this basic series grill has 399 reviews, of which 82% are 5-stars.

This grill has:

  • A large pellet hopper and auger to deliver the pellets
  • A simple grease draining system for easy cleanup
  • Food preparation shelves

The cooking area on the grill can fit 18-burgers, four-racks of ribs, or three-chickens.

This grill has the smallest cooking area of the five that are discussed in this post. This makes the 450A Pro grill perfect for cooking for the family or backyard barbeques.

3. ZPG - 7002E

This grill has 263 reviews, of which 80% are 5-stars.

This grill has technologies that allow for hands-free grilling. It also has a digital temperature control pad to regulate temperatures inside the grill as well as an easy system to drain grease. The 7002E grill also has the same amount of cooking space as the other 700 series Z Grills that have been mentioned.

Like the other 700 series Z Grills that have been mentioned, the ZPG – 7002B grill functions the same as the 7002E except that it has a black finish rather than stainless steel.

4. ZPG - 1000D

This grill is considered the best of the 1000 series Z Grills.

Making its debut in early 2020, 89% of the 166 reviews of this grill are five stars. This 1000D grill has automatic temperature control and a new ash cleanout system that no longer requires a vacuum to clean. It also has a mammoth cooking area that can fit 43-burgers, nine-rib racks, or seven-chickens.

The large cooking area on this grill makes it a great option if you are cooking for a lot of people or own a restaurant.

5. ZPG - 550B

This grill is one of the most affordable Z Grill models available on the site. This grill is part of the basic series. It has slightly more cooking room than the 450A Pro and has room for 22-burgers, four-rib racks, or three-chickens.

Of the 133 reviews for the product on the site, 84% were 5-star. This grill has the 8-in-1 versatility found in all Z Grills, holds a steady temperature, and will cook food to perfection with a smoky flavor.

There are so many options to choose from on the Z Grills website so that you can find the perfect grill for your needs. Whether you just like to cook for the family or for the entire neighborhood, there is a Z Grill that can meet your needs and expectations.

How Do I Clean My Z Grill?

You should always clean your grill, especially the cooking surfaces, after every use to keep it clean and sanitary. There are also areas of the grill that need regular maintenance besides the grill grates and cooking areas.

Follow these steps to make sure your Z Grill stays in top condition:

After Every Use

  • Use the Z Grill Scrape & Grab Tool or a grill brush while the grill is still hot and again after it has cooled down to remove any large chunks of food or residue from the grill grates.
  • Use a wet cloth to loosen the remaining build-up on the grates.
  • Remove the grill grates using the scrape and grab tool to clean out the grease tray underneath the cooking area. You can put down aluminum foil in this area before you start cooking to make clean up a lot easier. Simply throw away the aluminum foil with the grease once you are done cooking.
  • Remove the grease tray and use a Shop-Vac to clean out all of the ash and debris in the bottom of the grill.
  • Use a cloth and warm soapy water to clean out the grease bucket and the area where the grease collects.
  • Quickly wipe down the entire interior of the grill with a cloth.

After Every 50 lbs of Wood Pellets

  • Remove the wood pellets from the hopper and use a Shop-Vac to clean out wood pellet dust and ash. You should also do this if you notice smoke coming out of the hopper.

Every 6-Months

  • Clean the chimney. Remove the lid to the chimney and scrub the inside of it with a toothbrush. You can also use the toothbrush to scrub the inside of the chimney itself.
  • Clean the outside of the grill. You can use a cleaner made for stainless steel or just a damp cloth.

Are Z Grills Made in America?

The Z Grills company is based in the United States, but the grills themselves are manufactured in China. Some of the top pellet grill brands are manufactured outside of the United States, but there are options for pellet grills that are made in America.

Pellet Grill Brand Price Range Manufacturing Location
Z Grills
$340 - $680
$430 - $1,800
Smokin’ Brothers Pellet Grills/Smokers
$1,000 - $1,800
Missouri, USA
Blaz’n Grill Works
$1,000 - $1,700
Nebraska, USA
MAK Grills
$2,000 - $6,500
Oregon, USA
Yoder Smokers
$1,130 - $2,700
Kansas, USA
Cookshack/Fast Eddy Pellet Grills/Smokers
$700 - $4,895
Oklahoma, USA

Looking at the pellet grill options, you can see that there are many options for pellet grills made in the United States. However, American-made pellet grills are generally more expensive than Z Grills or Traeger Grills that are made in China.

Z Grills are known to be an affordable option that still has great quality. Part of the reason that the grills can be made so affordably is that they are manufactured outside of the United States. While Z Grills have some of the most inexpensive pellet grills available, they are still consistently ranked high when compared to other pellet grill brands.

From Where Will My Z Grill be Shipped?

When you decide to buy a Z Grill, you have a couple of options for where to purchase it. You can order a Z Grill directly from their website or Amazon to be shipped to your house from the company’s base in California.

If you order from the Z Grill website, your order will process within a few days and then be shipped to you in 3-to-8-business days after processing. Z Grills can be shipped in two days if you order through Amazon with a Prime account.

If you don’t want to wait for shipping, Z Grills are also available at stores like:

Be sure to check your local store to make sure they have the Z Grill you want in stock!

Before buying a Z Grill from one of these retailers, you should know that Z Grills will only accept returns on purchases made directly through their website.

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