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What are the Best Outdoor String Lights? (Top Picks)

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Any home improvement project often requires a touch of artistic flare. To complete a timeless look, the key is in the details. Outdoor lights are the perfect addition to one’s backyard, patio or deck. However, there are dozens of outdoor lights that are sold in stores that can leave buyers confused on what to purchase.

What are some of the best outdoor string lights? According to various outdoor maga-zines, the most important factors in finding the best types of string lights are a bright color temperature, a long length and a durable bulb quality.

To create the look one desires, as well as purchase lights that last for a good amount of time, finding out which lights to buy is extremely important. I re-searched the best outdoor string lights to buy, considering factors of aesthetic as well as durability.

In one’s personal outdoor space, outdoor string lights create a heartwarming summer environment and draws more positive attention to what could be an otherwise boring area. In public or business environments, it allows the general population and custom-ers to feel more at home and garners a greater attraction to that area.

Different string lights create different atmospheres for one’s outdoor space. Nonethe-less, not all lights are created equal. Picking the best outdoor string lights can be taken at a comprehensive approach to avoid the overwhelming feeling that may occur when faced with dozens of choices at your local store.

The Best Outdoor String Lights (Top Picks)

According to outdoor magazines, the three most popular string lights are Starry LED String Fairy Lights, Brightown Globe LED String Lights and Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights.

These three types of string lights each hold various pro qualities that landed them as the top-rated selections for your summer outdoor space.

The Best Outdoor String Lights:

  • Starry LED String Fairy Lights are bright and powerful with durable copper wiring and a three-year warranty
  • Brightown Globe LED Patio String Lights are versatile, lightweight and connectable
  • Lalapao Solar Powered Patio String Lights are come in sets of two, have many lighting settings and are cost-effective

TaoTronics Starry LED String Fairy Lights can be used for both outdoor spaces and indoor spaces. Each unit comes with 200 LED Bulbs. The color temperature for this product is a warm white-yellow hue and the string length is 33 feet.

Although the brand is not extremely well-known, these string lights have excellent customer reviews and high ratings. The light bulbs are small and durable and are set on copper-wire that has proven to last in harsh outdoor conditions. Additionally, these lights are waterproof and carry a three-year warranty.

The top pros of the TaoTronics Starry LED String Fairy Lights are that they are bright, have a bendable copper wiring and have a great warranty.

One drawback is that although they are more durable than most light bulbs their size, because they are small they are fragile compared to larger, thicker bulbs.

The Brightown Globe LED Patio String Lights are a high rated outdoor-only string light. Each unit comes with 25 LED bulbs, the color temperature is a warm white hue and the string length in 25 feet.

These string lights are perfect if you are looking for a more simplistic or minimalist feel. However, they also can provide a sense of sophistication to any outdoor space.

Although 25 feet may seem short, the lights are designed to allow you to attach several units together to fill your space, no matter how big the area may be. You can attach as many as 20 units together.

The top pros of the Brightown Globe LED Patio String Lights are their versatility, weight and that they are connectable. One drawback is that these bulbs can be fragile.

The Lalapao Solar Powered Patio String Lights come in third place for the best outdoor string lights. They can be used both outdoor and indoor and each unit comes in sets of 2, with each set containing 200 LED bulbs. The color temperature is a white hue and the string length is 72 feet.

One of the high points for these lights is that you get two sets with each purchase. This makes it a great investment for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor space. These lights create an attractive and illuminating display.

Additionally, solar powered lights are very cost-effective, as they do not add any extra charges to your electric bill.

The top pros for the Lalapao Solar Powered Patio String Lights are that they are solar powered, come in two sets of 200 lights, which are double some of the other solar powered competitors, and have eight different lighting settings.

The only bad thing is that because they are solar powered, they can be less energy efficient than lights you plug into a power outlet.

DIY Ideas for Backyard String Light Decor

Decorating an outdoor space is not as straight forward as decorating the inside of your home. Television networks like HGTV may make string light decor seem easier than it is. However, giving attention to outdoor living spaces increases not only your curb appeal, but adds to the overall positive energy of your home.

Backyards, patios, porches and decks all have the potential to be brought to life and be drastically improved by the addition of string lights to the decorations.

Going beyond potted plants and a fire pit can set your home apart from the houses in your neighborhood. String lights also allow you to make a space more personalized and be able to add your own touch to your property.

Simple DIY ideas for incorporating string lights in your outdoor decor can transform your space into a place for comfort and entertaining. These comprehensive ideas can be used in any space, no matter how big or small your backyard or front yard may be.

Best DIY String Light Ideas:

  • Water Lights
  • Lights on Hedges
  • Canopy Lights
  • Wrapping Tree Trunks
  • Lights inside glass containers and other existing decor
  • Lights on house siding

If your backyard has a swimming pool, outdoor string lights are an amazing addition to add some flare to your pool deck. You can also use string lights to add decorations hanging above the pool.

Hanging lights are high points above you pool can create an illuminating glow for night swimming or pool parties. If lights above are not your thing, you can simply decorate your pool deck to added decor.

Adding string lights to your hedges can create an illuminating walkway up to your house and are great way to make the border of your backyard more festive. This type of decoration can be used year-round and is not a type of decor that is designed for summer use only or during warm months.

Canopy lights are lights that hang from high fence posts or other architectural structures and are crisscrossed across your yard to make your view above have a warm glow. This type of DIY project is perfect for summer parties, weddings or any entertaining event.

Perhaps the most simplistic way to incorporate string lights into your outdoor space is wrapping lights around your tree trunks. This look may work best for those backyards that have more than a few trees, or if the backyard is lacking with the number of trees, this idea can be paired with others without making the space overly busy.

Putting string lights inside glass bottles or wrapping them around hanging wreaths can create a magical outdoor space. You can use old canning jars, old beer and bottles, or any other clear glass container you previously own.

This look gives your backyard a timeless comforting charm and gives off the look of floating fairies or lightning bugs throughout your property.

Another simple way to incorporate string lights into your outdoor space is hanging them along the fence in your backyard or along the fencing of your front yard porch. This method of using string lights is very classic and does not require a ton of time or labor effort.

Finally, the first thing that may come to people’s mind when they think of string light decor is hanging lights along the siding of their house. Although this method may seem overused, it always delivers in creating a heartwarming environment and adding to curb appeal.

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Tips for Decorating with Outdoor String Lights

The most important things involved in decorating with string lights involve choosing the right outdoor lights, learning the proper etiquette when going to hang up lights and having familiarity with your layout design.

If you want to use outdoor string lights as part of your decor all year-round, it would make sense to choose a brand that is in stock all year-round. This is mainly important if you are in need to replace a faulty bulb instead of being forced to buy a completely different unit if one-piece malfunctions or breaks.

Choosing the right size and style is also important in creating the space you desire to make for your outdoor property. This is entirely a personal preference, and it may take experimenting at first to find what look is the best for you. Some prefer the look of traditional rounded globes, while others may prefer neon narrower bulbs.

Tips for the proper etiquette in hanging outdoor string lights is very important for someone decorating their space. Take a look at the list down below to find some of the most helpful suggestions.

The Best String Light Tips:

  • Choosing the best lights for your look allows you to personalize your space
  • Knowledge in proper hanging techniques makes your space look more professional
  • Identifying your layout design is important before you begin any task

Make sure to always remove your glass bulbs from the string they attach to before you go to hang them up. This isn’t mandatory if you are only hanging up one or two strings of lights, but for any more than this amount it makes it much easier and takes away from the stress of being careful not to break the bulbs when you go to hang them up.

Another tip is securing your connectors together to make sure they do not fall apart.

Outdoor lights typically look better with they are draped with the middle sinking lower than the ends. It creates a canopy look that draws positive attention to the space.

Identifying your layout design is very important when decorating with outdoor lights. You can do this by identifying the trees and plants in your outdoor space as well as the structure of you home if you plan on attaching lights to architectural structures.

Another factor to consider is the location of your power sources. If you are using solar powered lights you have the luxury of hanging lights anywhere in your backyard.

However, if you must plug in your string lights you need to make sure that the lights are long enough to plug into an outlet. A simple solution to this concern is to buy connectable lights that can reach anywhere in your yard.

If you have an outdoor space that is non-traditional, or one that seems very unorthodox and challenging, one recommendation is to keep your design basic. Less is more. I would recommend using a minimalist approach as wrapping string lights around trees or hanging them on the side of your house or fence may be the best approach.

How to Hang Outdoor String Lights: Step-By-Step

The process in hanging outdoor string lights varies based on where you are hanging them from and the style you wish to convey. Hanging string lights from trees, deck railing and temporary spaces all involve different approaches.

The time required for any string light project should take under two hours and can be completed without any prior experience.

Hanging Outdoor String Lights from Trees:

  • Measuring
  • Drilling
  • Installing
  • Threading
  • Connecting

The first step in hanging outdoor string lights from trees in measuring the space between the trees that you wish to hang the lights from. If you add more length to the space between from the lights it will create a looser more casual feel, as tighter attachments create a more structured feel.

The second step is to drill guide holes in the trees on each side. This step typically requires one other person to help you in the process. Holding one end of the string lights, get your helper to hold the other end on the other tree against the guide holes to make sure they are located at the desired distance apart from each other.

The third step is installing a hook into the guide holes you drilled in step 2. After you apply your hooks, this is also the best time to install the bulbs onto the string wire.

The fourth step is to thread the string lights into the hooks, while adjusting them to your personal taste.

The final step involving connecting string lights together if one is not enough. You may also need to attach the end to an extension cord to ensure your lights are connected to a reliable power source.

Hanging String Lights Along Your Deck:

  • Measuring
  • Attaching the cords to a power supply
  • Securing the cords to the deck
  • Installing bulbs

The first step in hanging string lights along your deck is measuring your deck railing to make sure your string lights will effectively cover the entire area.

The second step is attaching your cords to the nearest power supply. An extension cord may be required to complete this second.

The third step is to use a staple gun to fasten the lights to the railing. Be careful not to puncture the wiring, as this step is only to secure the string lights to the material to ensure they do not fall. Continue this process until each part of the lights is fastened securing to the deck.

The fourth and final step is to install the bulbs to your cords and to check your string lights to make sure they work, and nothing has malfunctioned.

Hanging Temporary String Lights:

  • Draping string lights on trees
  • Creating pathways

For temporary string light installments for your outdoor area, you may not one to drill holes in trees or permanently secure your lights to elements of your backyard. Two options are draping your string lights from trees or using your string lights to create temporary illuminated pathways.

To hang string lights from your trees, measure the distance between your trees and make sure you have the length of string lights for your desired look.

However, instead of drilling holes and installing hooks inside your tree bark, using strong painters’ tape may be effective. Additionally, wrapping lights around branches can secure the lights for a temporary amount of time.

Creating illuminated pathways temporarily can be done very simply. You can use painter’s tape to secure your string lights to your deck railing or porch. When the event is over, you can remove the tape and use the lights for another event.

When using painter’s tape on these surfaces, small, lightweight string lights are the best ones to use to make sure they stay fastened.

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